We take the time to plan.

We take the time to get to know our clients. We don’t just ask for a job description and required qualifications. We dig a little deeper and investigate the personal intangibles that can make all the success of a placement. Who are you hiring? What position are they filling? What is the culture of the department and the company? What personal qualities can a potential hire bring to complement existing skills and strengths of the team? Yes, all these upfront conversations do require more time but they help us find the candidates that not only have the right job qualifications but the right personality to fit in your professional environment.

We believe in old-fashioned cold calling.

We love the Internet and all the possibilities that LinkedIn brings. We strongly believe in the importance of a strong digital presence. But our search for qualified  talent takes us beyond the passive LInkedin search and requires us to be proactive. Frequently our search for the perfect candidate introduces us to people who aren’t actively seeking a job. Yes, it takes more work to find these people but also increases the quality of candidates.

“I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity of hiring Tracey into the recruiting business over 10 years ago and to say it was one of my best hires would be an understatement! Tracey has a unique way of understanding her client's needs, assessing a candidate's strengths and weaknesses pertaining to a particular position and making a quality fit for all involved. Her desire to always do the right thing coupled with her commitment to excellent service and quality are things that allow her to stand out in an industry filled with "also-rans!" If given the opportunity to work with Tracey again or hire her to work with me, I would not even have to think twice. Tracey is a one-in-a-million!”

– John Randolph – General Manager at Resource Staffing